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An indicator for diabetes complication and its treatment   more
Customize autologous Stem Cell   more
99% high purity/high concentration collagen raw material   more
for Burn/Bedsore/Diabetic wound
Morphine, Methamphetamine, arijuana, Cocaine, Benzodiazepines, Amphetamine. One step, easy to use, only five minutes .   more
Immunoassay is for lower GIT screening, Chemical test is for upper GIT screening, (Patented)   more

The AGEs will be activation of the immune system that triggers inflammation. The AGEs will trigger a sustained and chronic inflammation to damages the tissues such like heart、kidney、nerve----. It has been known that AGEs are closely related to the development of chronic diabetic complications.Therefore, AGEs is like an indicator for diabetes complication and its treatment. It became important to determine AGEs level for Diabetes Mellitus.(more)

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2003/05/12 Visualine II® Dual Occult Blood FaecoCheck Test Patented
2002/04/05 Avian Collagen raw material and Skincare product provide now.